A Phone Up In Heaven

A phone up in heaven, I wish there was. And if God would let me call, to the great up above. I would dial each day, nothing out of the blue. But I’m left here alone, all but the memories of. A phone up in heaven, it was 2002, Dear Pepere laid to rest, my … Continue reading A Phone Up In Heaven

Meditative Monotony

Mindless monotony. Void, empty. Robbed of meaning. Purposeless. A sunrise for every sunset. “But why?” A query for hope. Each day. Going through the motions. Mindless motions. Empty skulls. Consciousness left behind. Miles away. Action without thought. The mind in space. Space so full. The far away future. The forgotten past. Caught up. In the … Continue reading Meditative Monotony

Guilty Pleasures

High up upon the dust-coated shelves of Citgo’s sparse grocery section sat the beloved bag of all-dressed ruffled potato chips. She imagined the familiar and pungent aroma, such an anomalous composite of flavors. Ketchup, BBQ, paprika, and vinegar jointly infused to create the strangest but most delightful of spud concoctions. “Just $2.00?” she thought wistfully … Continue reading Guilty Pleasures