A Phone Up In Heaven

A phone up in heaven, I wish there was.
And if God would let me call, to the great up above.
I would dial each day, nothing out of the blue.
But I’m left here alone, all but the memories of.

A phone up in heaven, it was 2002,
Dear Pepere laid to rest, my father briefly withdrew.
His cold, lifeless face, a wooden casket, hours to call. 
“Christ raises him up!”, “Mom, why do I have to kneel in this pew?”.

A phone up in heaven, Mike said his last Amen,
Just twenty years old God! No, that cannot be the end!
The congregation sits quiet, pastor declares suicide a sin.
A sticker to commemorate, such a dear, tortured friend.

I want a phone up in heaven, God where do I begin?
Every year I grow older, but you take more of my kin.
Sweet Memere has since passed, and my uncle is gone too, 
“They’re in a better place”, why doesn’t that sink in?

A phone up in heaven, give the devil his due,
No one’s perfect God, is there a pearly gates interview?
Marianne taken from her wife and Ron’s cancer grasped hold. 
Life doesn’t last forever, each day a gift to accrue.

A phone up in heaven, you would feel so near.
Here left with these boots, your signature souvenir.
A hot summer day and a short fateful call.
Just one more conversation, one more phone to my ear. 

A phone up in heaven, to hear your laughter down the hall, 
Silly to miss you, frozen blueberries, spiking volleyballs.
Right next to this heart, a space I will hold.
In the fresh air I always find you, you’re beyond these four walls.

A phone up in heaven, if God was so bold.
To know you’re at peace, I wouldn’t feel so uncontrolled.
I miss my sweet friend, could you tell God it’s not fair?
A meaning they say, in each death to behold. 

But if a phone up in heaven, just five minutes to share.
There’s no pain anymore, too much on earth for you to bear.
I can’t help but question, why you and not me?
I trust in a greater plan; I trust you’re in eternal care.

A phone up in heaven, I wish the powers at be,
Could’ve given me one final call, before God set you free.
I will remember you dearly, forever in my heart.
I love you sweet  Annie, only a phone call apart.

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